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Diva Spa Center is a five-star servic

250 грн.


Завершено: 8:00:01 22-01-2018
Diva SPA-center - it is a quiet place in the center of city. We offer 5 **** personal service to our clients.It is possible to come for Haircutting, and to get fully SPA procedure for Your hair. Moreover, to clear your mind and feel refreshment of your soul and body, due to the proffessional massage and relax body treatment. It is possible to get European Classical massage, Traditional Thai massage from authentic Thai specialist, ayurvedic body treatments, apparat cosmetology and many spa programms in Diva SPA-center. It is the main advantages to combine several treatments - Haircutting, Coloring, Eyelash Lamination and Manicure.
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